You Should Check Out ‘Take This’

I’m going to share a bunch of links in a moment that are all worth clicking on, in order of importance. They all revolve around Take This, a non-profit which “seeks to inform our community about mental health issues, to provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.” Most of the time I share content and projects and initiatives aimed at diabetes, its stigmas, and community-created solutions to the struggles and challenges of living with diabetes, and in a way, this is an extension of that.

The mental health component to diabetes management is often overlooked, ignored, and dismissed. But making the right decisions in the name of diabetes control is unbelievably difficult if you’re not in the right frame of mind.

So, in a way Take This does relate to life with diabetes. It’s another avenue to explore, share, and learn from others who have something to say about mental health.

Take This recently launched its own podcast, you can listen to it here.

And if you want to hear more from Russ Pitts, the co-founder of Take This, he’s been a guest on my podcast, Just Talking, not once, but twice. There’s plenty of talk about Take This in both episodes which should help you get a better idea of Take This‘ mission.

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Just Talking with Russ Pitts

Russ Pitts returns to the podcast to talk about life after Polygon, life in freelance journalism, as well as the process behind and effort required to complete his upcoming book ‘The Making of Defense Grid 2: The Complete Story Behind the Game’. We also discuss the growth of Take This, the formation of a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity, and the future impact Take This looks to have in the world. Enjoy.

Follow Russ on Twitter at @russpitts, learn more about his book at, and learn more about Take This at

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About Medicine X 2014 – Day 2

The Storification of tweets continues as I recap Day 2 of Stanford Medicine X. After the rush of hosting the opening panel the day before, I figured the rest of the weekend would be a walk in the park. Here are some of the stand-out moments from the day, as told by my ability to be clever in the span of 140 characters.

(And you should too)

We still have a ways to go before being the “token patient” at a conference is a thing of the past.

That, right there, is my most important tweet of the day. Maybe even the entire conference.

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A Double Whammy

Diabetes is as mental as it is physical. A double whammy.

This was shared today on My Diabetes Secret. Considering how little time it’s had to gain traction among the diabetes community on Tumblr, it’s received a lot of notes (likes and reblogs) in very little time. I’m not sure if Tumblr will ever be seen as an official validation for anything within the diabetes online community, but it’s clear that more than just the anonymous person who submitted this secret agrees with the sentiment.

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The ‘Other’ D Word…

In light of yesterday’s post I have been receiving a wide range of feedback. All of it has been supportive or positive, which I appreciate. A few of the responses I got, particularly over twitter mentioned Depression and/or seeing a therapist. I’m going to be honest with you all, every time someone mentions that other D word to me I shrug it off. I mean…that’s not me. I’m not depressed…am I? Continue reading