Buzzword Bingo

A while back I had written about my fun with cupcakes and monuments in our Nation’s Capital. Despite my inherent social awkwardness, eventually I managed to hold a conversation with someone that lasted longer than a two-word response and somehow brought up the fact that I had a podcast of my own. This was particularly interesting to one of the people I had met, David Hale (@lostonroute66). A couple months and a few dropped skype calls later, David came on for this week’s Just Talking to play Buzzword Bingo with me. For the record, David had nothing to do with the show title, but after listening to this podcast you will agree with my choice. We talk about a number of ways social media plays an impact with how the US Government does what they do, particularly the National Library of Medicine. After recording and editing this podcast, I have a new appreciation for the potential of the role social media will play in our future, hopefully you will too.

Wri-log-caster’s Note: The views expressed by David on this podcast do not reflect that of the Department of Health and Human Services or any other government agency.

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