Jam Session

If you haven’t heard, Kelly Rawlings has a new gig. This means she’s going to be in my neck of the woods more often, which is awesome. Also awesome are the opportunities to hang out with other people from the diabetes community. So much talk online is how to take what we all love about the diabetes community and spread it offline. So when there’s an opportunity to hang out, it’d be silly of me to turn that down.

Lucky for us, Dayle brought cupcakes to the Blunt Lancet Jam Session. Fun times.

Yes, there is bacon on those back two cupcakes. Bacon!

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From Scratch

You might have seen a tweet over the weekend mentioning the fact that a year ago I met a bunch of strangers for cupcakes. A lot can happen in a year. To celebrate, Dayle and I wanted to go back to Hello Cupcake, but they are closed on Sundays. Option #2? Why…make them from scratch, of course!

You’ll have to forgive me, but my only experience with cupcakes/cake batter/brownies is buying the boxed stuff and adding a little water, oil and an egg or two. Seeing a bunch of arbitrary ingredients turn into a taste cake mix by what can only be described as magic (or basic cooking ability) is quite fascinating. I’m including the recipe below the fold, actual prep time is much shorter than the noted 70 minutes if you know what you’re doing or need to take a few shortcuts – like that whole “room temperature” nonsense.

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Roll Tide

I find the timing of this week’s guest on Just Talking a bit ironic given the political developments we’ve seen this weekend. It seems like everyone has healthcare reform on the brain. With that backdrop, Dana Lewis (@danamlewis) is my guest this week. She’s big into Diet Coke, Cupcakes, and using twitter to foster genuine conversation among a wide range of people. Come join the fun as I try to get her to break down this year’s BCS Championship game and expand upon the greatness that is “Hello Cupcake” and the origins of the #hcsm hashtag.

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There Will Be Cupcakes

Remember my adventures in Washington DC way back in November? Round 2 was this weekend. Cupcakes, food, twitter, and this time lots of rain. Last time I was quite nervous and when I checked, I had the lousy blood glucose to prove it. This time, I was smart enough to bring Bart Allen with me. Blood glucose wasn’t much better, but I still had fun. I met up with cupcake savants Dana and Dayle and we hit up a bunch of locations while trying to stay dry. Surprisingly, we were successful with that primary objective.

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