Dexcom Software 505

24 hours later.

Why is Software 505 a big deal? Let’s step back for a moment.

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Misfit Wearables

Sonny Vu is one of the people responsible for the iBGStar. I was fortunate enough to see Sonny speak at Medicine X a couple of months ago. He’s a smart man. I know the Shine isn’t specifically a diabetes device, although being active certainly helps keep things in check, but the basic idea behind the Shine is what intrigues me the most.

“Simple. It’s about overcoming complexity.”

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Recognizing the Reality of the Situation

I started using an iBGStar this weekend. I figure I have about 22 more test strips before I’m half way through the included 50 and I have to decide if I want to go all-out with this meter and get a 90-day supply of all new test strips. After a handful of blood glucose tests I can confirm that this device is on some next-level stuff. I’m not sure if managing your diabetes will ever be considered ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ (assuming people ever use the adjective form of ‘hip’ without irony), but this thing is slick. More detailed impressions will surely follow, but with this new device in my possession and the anticipation of Dexcom’s G4, I need to get something off my chest.

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