I’ve Been Invited to Speak at AADE15?

Hello Mr. Snider,

We are pleased to invite you to speak at the AADE15 Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) in New Orleans, LA, August 5 – 8, 2015.

I assumed this email was sent by mistake. I couldn’t have done anything to earn such an invitation. But when I read on, the phrase “Patient Community Advocate at Symplur” popped up along side a link to my #dayofdiabetes post I wrote for Symplur last Spring.

It may sound silly as I’m writing this in a public blog, and you’re reading this, but it still comes as a shock to me when I find out that people actually read what I write (or listen to my podcast). This isn’t some kind of reverse psychology mentality or a plea for praise. I just assume there are better patient advocates out there discussing the same thoughts I have, but with more eloquence and effectiveness.

But I’ve done my best to make positive contributions, however small they may be, to the diabetes community. After six years of fragmented sentences, it’s pretty neat to get recognized and sought out.

Now the challenge will be to make the logistics of this invitation work. Between my own wedding and two others Dayle and I will be attending, I’ll hear the phrase “I do” three times in four months.

All of that awkward non-congratulatory-self-congratulations out of the way, if I can make this AADE appearance, how many of you would be up for a new #dayofdiabetes so I can present some fresh data to the diabetes educators of the world? The more, the merrier.

About Medicine X 2014 – Day 1

Another day, another link to a Storify post full of tweets and pictures from the first official day of Stanford Medicine X 2014.

Here are my favorite moments from the day’s adventures.

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You’re Doing It Wrong

This is a post that discusses an egregious error of a seemly random pitch I received in my inbox. This one strikes close to home as planning for this year’s Medicine X is underway (I’m on the Advisory Board, remember?).

This April, the Cambridge Healthtech Institute and Bio-IT World will put on the second
annual Medical Informatics World Conference. They have an entire track devoted to “Coordinated Patient Care, Engagement, and Empowerment”.

This track will focus on “connected health, remote monitoring, personalized medicine and analytics to improve outcomes”.

Over the two days of the conference, there will be presenters and panels featuring some impressive job titles and backgrounds.

But none of the scheduled speakers are patients. None of the panelists are patients. As far as I can see, this two-day conference featuring a track dedicated to patients will not feature one patient perspective.

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A Few Thoughts About TCOYD

This weekend I drove up to Sacramento to attend the Taking Control of Your Diabetes conference. Going into the day, I had a number of assumptions and preconceptions about what TCOYD is and isn’t – most notably that this conference is geared towards people with type 2 diabetes.

This year TCOYD was being hosted in Sacramento’s Convention Center, at the same time as Comic-Con on the other side of the building (I wish I took pictures of the cosplay, I was very impressed). After opening remarks from Dr. Steven Edelman (Founder) and Dr. William Polonsky, there were two primary session “tracks” geared toward type 1 and type 2 audiences.

I did what I could to document observations and remarks throughout the day, so the rest of this post will be fueled by those tweets.

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About Medicine X – The Panel

This post will be quite lengthy. The short version, if you don’t have much time, is that the panel I moderated at Medicine X is now archived and available on the Stanford Medicine X YouTube channel. When you have the time, you should check out all the other great content over there. As of this post, there are a number of interviews, panels, and features. Hopefully the rest of the ignite talks will make it up there too.

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