Just Like New

One of the many unwritten adventures of having your own place is the hands-on-ness of making the place your own. Sure, painting and putting together Ikea furniture is its own ball of fun but there’s a whole other mess I’m referring to. I feel fortunate that I was able to take away a sense of familiarity around the basics of electrical wiring from my previous job. Changing outlets and light switches was a painless endeavor for me. Installing a dimmer switch was an early milestone in my handyman checklist. All of those tasks are relatively small potatoes to what my home, what any home may require down the road. Which brings me to the bathroom.

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Paper Trail

I finally took an hour or so to sit down and get some things organized. My first mortgage payment and condo association fees were paid on time and I’ve kept a growing pile of bills and other “save-me” documents but I have been pretty good about finding other things to do. Eventually that kind of procrastination will come back to really, really suck so sorting all of this out got bumped to the top of my priority list last night. There was a lot to go through. So, instead of ramble in paragraphs, I’m opting to take up less of your day by going through the rest of this post in bullet form.

Pew Pew Pew!!!

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Tool Time – Domesticated

I think I’ve crossed off the rest of the lingering items: sleep, shower, insulin in my fridge? Yup, I live here now. As I try to settle into a groove I’m continuing the checklist of things I want to do. Luckily there are plenty of pages in my notebook to jot down ideas. The big problem there is that my ideas are scattered among the many pages available, a fitting metaphor for how my brain feels right now. So much to do, impossible to focus, thoughts are scattered all over the place. Hopefully I will be able to focus at the right times, on the right tasks and I can slowly transform this place into something special.

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