Just Talking with Stephen Reid

2K’s Director of Community and Customer Service, Stephen Reid, is my guest this week. While Stephen has had a lengthy career in and around the video game industry, we focus on his time as Editor in Chief of PlayStation.com in Europe, his philosophy on community management and interaction, and life at 2K during a busy holiday, and launch season. We also discuss his adventures co-hosting the podcast Nerds Who Wait, and their show’s magical ability to compel breaking news from Hollywood every time a new episode is published. Enjoy.

Follow Stephen on Twitter at @rockjaw and listen to Nerds Who Wait at nerdswhowait.com.

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Just Talking With Colleen Young

This week I’m joined by Colleen Young to discuss her keynote panel at Stanford Medicine X, her work as a health community manager, the origins of the weekly #hcsmca chats, and the care required to moderate a community about end-of-life, loss and grief. Enjoy.

Follow Colleen on Twitter at @colleen_young and her blog at colleenyoung.com.

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Just Talking With Will Kinsler

Will Kinsler, Community Manager for Epic Games is my guest this week. We discuss the state of football Washington D.C., including his thoughts on the acquisition of DeSean Jackson. We also discuss Will’s move to Epic, his role as Community Manager, and the passion he’s seen in the Gears of War community. Finally, now that Fortnite can be openly discussed, Will shares his excitement for the coming months as the Alpha and eventual final product become a reality. Enjoy!

You can follow Will on Twitter @raczilla, and learn more about Fortnite at fortnite.com.

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About Respawn Entertainment

I’m joined this week by Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Respawn Entertainment. We discuss unusual ways to find job postings and receive job offers (in her case, in the gaming industry). I learn about the pressure of covering E3 from the media perspective as Abbie shares some of her experiences working at G4. I also learn about the pressure of revealing your previously unannounced game to a worldwide audience and what it’s like building a community around a game isn’t public knowledge. Enjoy.

Follow Abbie on Twitter at @abbieheppe, and keep up with the latest from Respawn and learn more about Titanfall at Respawn.com and @Respawn.

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