Just Talking with Stephen Reid

2K’s Director of Community and Customer Service, Stephen Reid, is my guest this week. While Stephen has had a lengthy career in and around the video game industry, we focus on his time as Editor in Chief of PlayStation.com in Europe, his philosophy on community management and interaction, and life at 2K during a busy holiday, and launch season. We also discuss his adventures co-hosting the podcast Nerds Who Wait, and their show’s magical ability to compel breaking news from Hollywood every time a new episode is published. Enjoy.

Follow Stephen on Twitter at @rockjaw and listen to Nerds Who Wait at nerdswhowait.com.

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I’m Sharing This So You Will Read It

I find myself slowly investing more time and thought into comics. Both the medium and the resulting cinematic universes. With that vague, and rushed introduction, I invite you to read this blog post from Justin Korthof about the DC Cinematic Universe. Of all the people I know who think about this stuff, Justin thinks about it most – and most intelligently. If you have any interest in what ‘Batman vs. Superman’ may be, or may become, you should read this post.

I don’t think that last summer’s “Man of Steel” is about Superman at all. – sixokay.com

Also, I saw a Macleren on my drive back from Stanford last night. The whip envy was quite strong.

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Marvel: Spectacular

The Marvel talk continues on Episode 113 with Marvel.com Associate Editor Ben Morse. We chart Ben’s journey to Stan Lee’s Empire, the work he does at Marvel, the wealth of content available and why now is as good of a time as any to start reading comics. There’s also a philosophical question posed somewhere in the middle of this episode: Who would win in a fight – Wolverine or Batman? There is plenty of content to get to in this one. Enjoy.

As always, Marvel.com is your primary destination for all things Marvel, including the This Week in Marvel podcast. Be sure to follow Ben on Twitter at @BenJMorse.

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Epic Randomness

This introduction is both a warning and an endorsement – the podcast you are about to listen to is really, really geeky. Josh Mayfield joins me in Epiode 103 to talk about the Final Fantasy series and its impact on the modern video game landscape, his website Epic Randomness and the joy of writing content for yourself first. But the bulk of this podcast is about comics. Comic book movies, the DC Comics New 52 initiative, the new Spider-Man, the numerous benefits (and bummers) of the digital comic industry and he even drops a few recommendations for quality reads if you’re interested. Enjoy.

You can follow Josh on Twitter at @Bean525.

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