(Just Talking) About Medicine X

Recapping our time at Stanford for Medicine X, I’m joined by fellow diabetes advocate Sara Nicastro. We discuss Sara’s expectations going into the conference and how they compare to my own, having participated last year. Sara lists her some of her top panels and speakers from the weekend. I share the many contributing factors to my high stress level prior to moderating my panel. And we break down some of the controversial statements made by Sonny Vu and explain why a conference like Medicine X is the perfect place to have an open dialog about those types of topics. Oh, and we talk about cats. Enjoy.

For more information about Medicine X, go to medicinex.stanford.edu.

You can follow Sara on Twitter at @saraknic and read her Medicine X write ups at momentsofwonderful.com.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m writing about Medicine X on my blog at tobesugarfree.com.

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