Parental Pressure

I booked appointments for the girls at the local vet for the first annual checkup. I’m new at this but it’s my understanding that once a year is standard protocol early in their life, ignoring any emergencies or anything of that nature. If I’m wrong, I’ll leave it to the vet to set me straight.

However, as soon as I confirmed the date and time of the appointment and ended the call, I started to experience a sense of panic. What if I’m over feeding them? What if I’m under feeding them? What if I’m missing some fundamental aspect of feline care? Will the vet judge me?

Simply put, I’m afraid of being labeled as a bad (pet) parent.

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Upsetting the Balance

I think, generally speaking, we all know what has to be done to live a healthy life. Some level of exercise, a balanced diet, and an intangible quality of life factor loosely represent the tripod that makes our individual worlds go ’round. Obviously each one of those components is influenced by a wide range of factors, thus making each of our lives unique and blah blah blah. And while it’s a given that all of this isn’t easy, diabetes makes everything more complicated in ways that I cannot describe – but I’ll try anyway.

Let’s take today for example:

Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

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The Influence of Catlife

I’m not saying this comment (emphasis mine) influenced my decision to get a new coffee table…but I’m not saying it didn’t influence it either.

“Not only is this table beautiful, it’s the perfect touch of funk for your living room. I mean, look at how cool it is with the little cubby hole (my cats really enjoy that little cubby). I was surprised how quickly it was delivered. After months of searching I can safely say I found the perfect coffee table right here.”

Who’s ready for another construction project?

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