Other Things Happening in November

November is American Diabetes Month. This means the collective diabetes community (online and offline) will be making a little extra noise to spread awareness about what diabetes is, about what diabetes isn’t, about the differences between the different types, and about why you should care about Diabetes (with a capital ‘D’) regardless of type or affiliation. It’s a big deal. And I’ll do my best to highlight some of the endeavors that catch my eye.

But, there’s plenty of other things happening in November besides the ongoing effort to get my diabetes advocacy on.

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Black Ops

This time last year, the Talking About Games community was flourishing in Call of Duty awesomeness. It seemed like every night there were a handful of us joining up for a multiplayer session. Seconds after a tweet requesting back-up, a lobby would be filled with like-minded gamers ready to have fun. While we didn’t always win those matches, no one can deny how much fun it was to sit down and play a video game we all enjoyed with people we respected. It’s those types of connections and moments that make video game community flourish. Our newfound obsession for Modern Warfare came at the perfect time as just a few months later the highly anticipated sequel, Modern Warfare 2 would be released for the masses. To understate my emotions at the time, I was excited. And then the game came out.

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On Controversy and Courageousness

Among the many debates I am reluctant to participate in is the “Are games art?” conundrum. It’s one of those debates that I don’t feel well enough equipped to engage, in part because I don’t feel like there are enough examples. Art, in its various forms, makes you think, can challenge what you know and introduce questions you never thought to ask. Sure, I’m romanticizing it a bit, but my point is that video games haven’t reached that level yet, and I’m not sure if they ever will. But the only way to find out is to push the boundaries of what we know about video games and what they are capable of — not on a graphical or interactive level, but on an intellectual one. With that being said, the rest of this post is going to be about Modern Warfare 2. And there will be spoilers immediately after the break. If you are unaware of the campaign footage that leaked earlier this week, I’ll understand if you avoid the rest of my text. If not, prepare yourself.

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