So Smooth

Dayle has been on a breakfast smoothie kick for a while now. Most weekday mornings she has a spinach, ginger, cucumber, avocado, and frozen banana smoothie. Until this weekend, this was created with the help of a hand blender, like this one. But a couple of weeks ago I started to experiment with a smoothie recipe of my own. I figure anything that can get me off of my double chocolate granola fascination is worth exploring.

This is what I’ve settled on right now: kale, greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, and frozen bananas. The ratios of ingredients still needs some work, but I’m already coming away just as (if not more) satisfied for breakfast with a less severe postprandial blood glucose spike.

But, any long term, dual smoothie in the morning fun required a better solution than a hand mixer. As convenient as a hand mixer is, it felt like time to look for something more.

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Better Breakfast

Most mornings, I’m not exactly a role model when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Considering the stuff I eat some times, I think skipping breakfast might be a better option. And I don’t quite know how to interpret the fact that I’ve become quite accurate at bolusing for two unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. We all know how evil those things are.

Part of my breakfast apathy is a result of my commute. Sitting in traffic for 60-90 minutes doesn’t exactly inspire healthy eating first thing in the morning – neither before or after my drive. I know Dayle has found some creative ways to get the nutrients needed in a low-carb way, which I suppose could be an option for me if I get over the green-factor.

But until I join Team Vegetable Smoothie (now with Whey Protein powder), I need a happier medium between that and the chocolate chip muffins I occasionally opt for. Enter Greek Yogurt.

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The Most Important Meal of The Day

My bouts with breakfast are shaky at best. I know eating something for breakfast is better than nothing, but there are some days where I get caught in a whirling dervish of tasks and to-dos that food escapes my mind until 11:30. Then it’s time for lunch. Bugger.

What I need is something Epic that will ensure breakfast stays part of my morning routine. An Epic Meal. Yes! That’s it! It’s Epic Meal Time.

[For the record, this video isn’t exactly NOT NSFW, but you should probably watch with earbuds to be safe]

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