The Interviewer Becomes The Interviewee

Interviewee just looks wrong. Like some babification of a word we all recognize. Maybe if I say it with an “aww isn’t that cute” voice then it’ll really sell the non-wordness of that word.

“Aww, look at the little wittle interviewee. Isn’t that special…”

Anyway, Chris Stocker (@lifeofadiabetic) hit me up a month or so ago wanting to chat about things not related to diabetes. He’s posted the interview on his blog today and you should go read it.

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The Birds and the Be…Birds


This is the bird feeder Dayle got me for my birthday. This thing is packing six perches and a tray plus a wire/mesh frame for extra bird-ability. What you see is the big sell for this feeder: a divider for the 10 pounds of seed it can hold. Being an analytics amateur, it was clear that an A/B test of different bird seeds needed to happen. Of course we are testing this stuff out as Hurricane Irene works her way up the East Coast – no test is perfect.

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