Just Talking with Ben Kuchera

Ben Kuchera, Polygon’s Opinions Editor, is my guest this week. We discuss Ben’s family including the balance of work and five children, as well as finding a new appreciation for video games through his children’s experiences. We also cover his time at Penny Arcade and the expansion of his writing to topics beyond video games. Finally we cover Ben’s transition to Polygon and what we can expect in 2014. Enjoy!

Follow Ben on Twitter @BenKuchera and his work at polygon.com.

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Opposable Thumbs

Those of you that follow the video game industry know that the fall and winter months are traditionally home to the most anticipated games of the year. Nearly every week of November and December features at least one stand out game that is widely anticipated and more often than not delivers on the hype it generates. My guest for Episode 107 is Ben Kuchera, Gaming Editor for Ars Technica. He is one of the writers whose job is to cover all of these games. His nights involve typing thousands of words, dealing with the passionate yet sometimes misguided video game fans, drinking lots of Red Bull and playing some fantastic video games. We discuss his work at Ars Technica, the positives and negatives of being a (mostly) one-man crew and much, much more. Enjoy.

You can follow Ben on Twitter at @BenKuchera and you can find his work at http://arstechnica.com/gaming/.

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