Dead Meter

I think my meter officially died today. Normally the low battery indication just means replace the batteries. Normally the weird book indicator just means it’s time to upload the readings to clear out the memory. When both show up at the same time and a fresh test strip is greeted with an ‘Er4’, after changing the batteries and uploading the data, this meter has officially tested its last drop of blood.

My trusty Bart Allen is no more.

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Introducing Barry Allen

Logically it makes sense to have a backup meter. You never know when your primary meter is going to fall in the toilet, break, disappear, spontaneously combust or get abducted by a squirrel. Of course, it took my accidentally leaving my meter with Dayle as she was flying with her grandma to Hunstville to finally get me to pony up a few dollars to get a second meter.

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Hey Abbott!

The part of me that remembers to post something every day is already on vacation. I’ll be at the beach next week, much like last year, except I don’t have a week’s worth of content ready for you. I think I’m going to try out the different posting options I have at my fingertips from the comfort of my beach towel, so don’t expect anything insightful. Not like I’m particularly insightful on a regular basis, but you get the idea. But I digress.

I’ve mentioned my “catch-all” Google Reader query for “diabetes” before, right? Right. As you can guess, most of the stories over the past couple of weeks have dealth with the FDA and Avandia. There’s been a lot of talk about the FDA’s ruling, and subsequent actions, but that’s not what this is about. Although, it does involve the FDA.

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Making an informed decision is all about having the right information at your disposal. Just like any other important decision, when it comes to Diabetes, the more information the better.  Right now my data consists of my log book. Pencil to paper, everything that I can fit into those tiny squares. Any additional interpretation of those numbers requires some additional method of data analysis and some intelligence. Right now data analysis seems like a less intimidating task.

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Flying Blind

There’s a strange sensation that flows through my body when I realize I could be flying blind for an undetermined amount of time. Naturally the first emotion is panic. Bart Allen is a crucial part of my management. If I’m Kobe, my glucose meter is Shaq. It’s the Costello to my Abbott. The yin to my yang. It’s the….you get the idea. And if you’re a member of the Wilford Brimley Fan Club, chances are you know exactly how I feel.

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I replaced one of the batteries in Bart Allen two nights ago. The meter functioned properly. It records my blood sugar, sometimes despite my wishes if it’s out of range and all is well with the world. The ‘down the strip’ light wasn’t fading but the main screen light was. I tried to wait until it was unbearably not working before only changing one of the 2 batteries powering Bart. Strange that replacing a battery in a glucose meter feels like a sense of accomplishment. Continue reading

Bart Allen does the Limbo

This is another one of those posts I really didn’t want to write. I’ve said before that I have always resisted writing about my lows. Everyone has them, everyone knows what they feel like, everyone doesn’t need to read my attempts at using a thesaurus for words like helpless, fear, and rage. I find it counterproductive to whatever it is I’m doing on this blog. That being said…here we go. Continue reading