Alert Day

I got an email from the American Diabetes Association that I wanted to pass along to you. This is one of those things that I think applies to everyone, regardless of your PWD status. Diabetes is a big deal, and people at risk that may not know it might need a little help. Tuesday March 23 is American Diabetes Association Alert Day.

Again, this is copied from an email to me from the ADA (hence the personal “your type 1 diabetes”)

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As I continue to consider my online presence and how it might impact whatever it is I hope to do with my life, I understand that Google can be my friend, and my enemy. In a world where people can get fired from posting Facebook photos of a party they were at instead of work, you have to do your part to make sure your identity is as respectable as possible. In my case, my future will likely be affected by ability to leverage this blog, my contribution to Talking About Games and my podcasting career. Of course all of these bullet points are online entities that can be found with a simple Google search – but what else will a prospective employer find?

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Much Ado

I saw a retweet about dblogday going down tomorrow. No biggie, I’m writing a blog post every day this month. By the numbers, the majority of my posts are diabetes related. Sure, I’m no Lee Ann, but I’m doing my part. I’m including a link and quoting the text of the original article. However I do have something else to put in here that I think is worth mentioning.
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Reading Google Reader’s Readings

I love me some Google Reader. I wish they paid me to say that, I could use some extra cash flow for the fall season of video games. Ugh, my bank account hates me. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before one of my feeds is a blanket Google News search for “diabetes.” Most of the stuff that comes up is a repeat story from earlier in the day. Most of the stories deal with findings surrounding Type 2 Diabetes. Such is life. Occasionally a headline pops up that grabs my attention, that merits an actual click-through. Because I am equal parts tired and lacking creative motivation to write a genuine post, here are a few of those stories with an explanation and commentary. Enjoy. Continue reading


In re-reading the comments on a recent post talking about how my family doesn’t really GET my blog and what it means, it’s clear I’m not the only person experiencing this frustration. While I can get behind promoting Diabetes awareness to the general public, isn’t Diabetes awareness and knowledge more important to the people we deal with on a day-to-day basis? Are we fighting this battle from the outside-in? Continue reading