A Fishy Metaphor

Our fish tank has been having some issues with nitrites. We’ve been testing our tank daily for the past week as we try to fix the problem.

At first things were pretty rough.

After a little patience, we saw some progress.

Now we’re hoping for some consistency and stability.

There’s a diabetes metaphor in that sequence, right?

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Testing My Patience

We lost three fish over the course of the day today (six total, for those of you keeping score at home). After spending the past week looking up things like “ich“, “rot“, and “swimming upside down“, they eventually passed on to the big aquarium in the sky. It’s been rough watching all of this happen, waiting for treatment methods to work, hoping you’re doing everything properly, looking for feedback from an organism whose only means of communication is to just keep swimming. But the thing I’ve learned through all of this, despite my belief that people with diabetes can make excellent pet owners, is that I suffer from a severe lack of patience.

Waiting for algae to grow on our fish tank, showing signs of a healthy ecosystem. Waiting for the water treatment to show signs of progress. Waiting for the right time to feed, but not overfeed our cats. Waiting for my blood sugar to come back up from treating a severe low. Waiting for insulin to kick in after correcting a persistent high.

It turns out under the right circumstances, I’m not a patient man. And that bums me out.

Maybe I should get back into yoga. I need to find my inner peace, assuming it ever previously existed.

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Hashtag Aquarist

Dayle and I bought an aquarium over the weekend. I know what you’re thinking: the cats are gonna love this. You’re right. They do.

We had discussed adding fish to our pet family a couple of times prior to this weekend, but we decided to make a sincere effort to learn what would be required logistically, aquatically, and financially from a local aquarium that came highly recommended. After spending an hour asking all kinds of questions about tank maintenance and the order of operations for introducing new fish to our home, we decided to make the plunge.

All of a sudden we’re balancing pH levels and arranging plastic foliage in a hopefully visually appealing manner in a 20-gallon tank.

Right now we have four (4) fish in our tank: a platy, molly, sword tail, and gold barb. If any of those names mean anything to you, please get in touch.

The one thing that struck me as I stared off into the abyss of our new aquarium, watching our fish indulge in their morning meal, is that people with diabetes are ideal pet owners. Now, stick with me on this one.

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