My diabetes turns eleven this weekend.

Please excuse Chris from class, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

I’ve done a lot of things since that weekend in 2002. Some of them because of diabetes. Others in spite of that diagnosis. The common thread is that I’m still here living my life. Diabetes wasn’t the end. I won’t let it.

A lot has happened since 2002, but there’s far too much that’s going to happen in the future for me to stop now.

I’ve come a long way, but I’m not done yet.

Also, I’m fundraising. If you’ve got $5 to spare – http://main.diabetes.org/goto/stepoutspartacus2013

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From what I can gather, this weekend marks the seven-year anniversary of my diagnosis. In the grand scheme of things, seven years is not a long time. For as long as I hope to live, seven years is not a long time. That being said, seven years feels like a lifetime ago considering how far I’ve already come living with this.
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It’s Happy Time!

As a sports junkie, among other drugs/passions I love me some PTI. Wilbon and Kornheiser are awesome. If you aren’t familiar with their show, Pardon the Interruption has the two of them (or other sports writers filling in as necessary) hit the top sports stories of the day with their own flair and sense of humor. With my job involving a great deal of rush hour traffic, I typically have to catch their show in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic, thankfully Sirius Radio has the hookup. At the end of their show they have a “Happy Time” segment: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Trails. So today…it’s time to get Happy. Continue reading