What My Latest A1c Means

I received a phone call from my endocrinologist a few minutes before I began my evening commute home. My A1c hasn’t changed since my last appointment three months ago, which is great. This means that my continuing efforts at a healthier diet and a regular exercise routine are paying off. This means 160 mg/dL is the ideal high alert for my Dexcom G4. Similarly, 70 mg/dL is a safe enough low alert to help me aim low, but not too low. This also means that I can more aggressively focus on finding the right Lantus dosages, because I don’t feel very confident about 15u in the morning and 10u in the evening.

But, this doesn’t mean that I can just stop. This doesn’t mean that I’ve figured out diabetes, even if things have been consistent over the past few months. This doesn’t mean that I can just sit back and assume my control will stay the way it has been.

Even with news as encouraging as this, there’s very little opportunity for celebration….okay, maybe a small celebration.

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