Hi, I’m Here to Interview Diabetes Advocate Kerri Sparling and Dr. Korey Hood?

A couple of weeks ago I received a diabetes-related pitch in my inbox. Ordinarily I would flip a coin to see if it was worth reading, but the subject line in this one was particularly noteworthy:

Interview: Diabetes Advocate Kerri Sparling and Dr. Korey Hood

Of course, considering how long I’ve known Kerri and the fact that Dr. Hood was a recent guest on my podcast, I had to laugh. But then I decided to accept the offer to interview said diabetes advocates, if anything, to give them a break from some of the suggested questions that were included in the pitch. Such winners include:

  • What are some of the challenges of living with type 1 diabetes that most people are unaware of?
  • What does this technology [in this case, the Animas Vibe] mean for those living with insulin dependent diabetes?
  • How does this latest pump technology help with overall diabetes management?
  • How has Continuous Glucose Monitoring been shown to improve blood glucose control?

There’s nothing specifically wrong with these questions. Depending on the outlet, covering these basics is essential. I decided to conduct a slightly more casual interview with the ten minutes I had.

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