Drive to Stop Diabetes

At 17, Ryan Reed was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At 19, Ryan signed with Roush Fenway to drive the No. 16 Ford in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series. Ryan and I spend an hour discussing all aspects of professional racing including the physical requirements, the mental preparation, and the exhilaration of driving at those speeds. We also cover Ryan’s diabetes diagnosis and how he manages his blood glucose while racing. Finally, Ryan opens up about the Drive to Stop Diabetes campaign and the incredible advocacy opportunities that have come, and will come his way. Enjoy.

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In West Philadelphia, born and raised…

As you may know, I work for the American Diabetes Association – part of the Digital Marketing team. Nothing new there.

I’ll be attended the American Diabetes Association’s 72nd Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, PA this (and part of next) week. Depending on how closely you follow my shenanigans, that might be news for you. I’m looking forward to another year of observing some of the brightest minds in diabetes try to find the appropriate session room for whatever speaker or topic they are interested in. And I’m looking forward to being part of the staff whose job it is to help these fine minds find said rooms.

This upcoming trip means a couple of things that you should bear in mind, my eager-readers.

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Enough is Enough

I’ve been meaning to address an issue that has been slow-cooking for at least a month, but I’ve been struggling with the right approach. In the weeks of observing the fact that high school never ends and the fact that open-mindedness is merely a superficial characteristic…quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Before I continue, I need to reiterate that I do not speak for my employer. This post, just as every other, is my own opinion – as a person with diabetes.

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Alert Day

I got an email from the American Diabetes Association that I wanted to pass along to you. This is one of those things that I think applies to everyone, regardless of your PWD status. Diabetes is a big deal, and people at risk that may not know it might need a little help. Tuesday March 23 is American Diabetes Association Alert Day.

Again, this is copied from an email to me from the ADA (hence the personal “your type 1 diabetes”)

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Tour de Cure

Since I’ve started this blog I have made great strides to improve my health. I’m not at the gym 4 hours a day and I don’t always eat the healthiest food but 2008 was a LONG time ago. Everything isn’t perfect but I’m trying to make some kind of progress each day. A recent example of this progress is awareness. This might be my Diabetes, but there are millions directly affected by this disease. Surely there is more that I can do. (And don’t call me Shirley)

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