A Lingering Doubt

I know I spent over one thousand words mostly raving about the iBGStar last week. I stand by my enthusiasm for both that device and as I stated, what it means for the future of innovation in diabetes management. There was one specific aspect about making this change that I didn’t touch on – mostly because it hadn’t sunk in until I ran out of test strips.

You see, I started with just 50 BGStar strips. Once I got down to 20 left I contacted my endocrinologist for a big-boy prescription. But there was going to be a delay between mailing the prescription, getting it processed, and getting my 90-day supply back. This means that I’m back on my FreeStyle test strips until my new supply arrives. All of this makes perfectly logical sense, except for this: I felt more comfortable with the results my FreeStyle Lite produced.

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