Six Point One

With all the hullaballo coming out of California and the whole No D-Day thing yesterday, I kinda forgot to update the three of you charting my progress on my latest adventures with Not House. For those of you tuning in late, Not House is my endocrinologist. I managed to squeeze in an appointment to get my labwork done before we made like Fivel and went West and returned, jet lagged to his offices. Late.

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Stay on Target

Yesterday I had my appointment with Not House. All is well in Casa de Chris. A1c is 6.5. All other medical-sounding values are where they should be. As far as any official statement on A1c goes, I’m right on target. Had I written this immediately after my appointment I might have a more chipper tone, but despite this success I’m still a bit perplexed.

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Will Update Later

I have an appointment with Not House at 11:30 est. So I have two things for you. One, I was forwarded this link to a post from Amy Tenderich at Diabetes Mine. It’s a pump that, among other awesome features, you control with your Android phone. I know I’ve talked a lot about the possible switch to a pump recently, and this upcoming appointment might be a breaking point in one direction or another but seeing news like this is very, very promising. Of course there’s nothing wrong with using a different pump until the Jewel comes out next year-ish. Assuming this is the direction I want to go.

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Cancer (The Zodiac One)


The last time I spoke of the fabled HbA1c I was at 7.5. That was six months ago. Since I’ve started my blog, the numbers continue to show progress to greater control. I’ve been thinking about that number since I got my blood work back yesterday. Under normal circumstances I should be pleased with my continued progress. Big picture…short term…at a glance…regardless of how you look at the numbers, this should be a good thing. I know this, but for some reason I’m not happy about it.

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War Zone

One of the many, many joys of proper Diabetes management is the almighty blood glucose test. The majority of my readers know what goes in to a test. It’s not just the test strip and the number. It’s the *shink* of the lancet, it’s the hesitation before you press that little plastic thingy to your finger (or where ever you’re testing), the prayer that you get enough blood out of your finger, the agony if you smear blood on something, the decision to wipe or lick, the apprehension before the number is revealed (did I account for ALL those carbs?), the emotional state that a single digital readout can put you in for the next 2-4 hours. It’s not just a test. It’s a judgment on your Diabetes management…until the next test. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

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Not House

I had grand plans for my post on Thursday. It revolved around today’s appointment with Dr. H (not House). Then my camera imploded and the footage I had captured after my bloodwork last Friday turned into a pixelated nightmare. So instead of a video, you get the transcript. Today at least.

This post is scheduled to be published at 9:30am. My appointment with Not House is at 11:30. This means that twitter will likely update everyone reading this with my latest A1c. Because it’s all about the f*$%ing A1c isn’t it?

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but now that I am in more control than I was a year ago I hate the A1c with each successive appointment. I am working my ass off, but if my doctor doesn’t see an improvement in that single number in the 15 minutes we spend together then I get another lecture about the risks and blah blah blah.

I’m not doing Not House justice. He’s good people. He was very patient with me while I was on the road and my management was less than stellar. I hope I correctly sensed some pride when I came back after my renaissance with dramatically improved control across the board at the beginning of the year. I know I only see him 2-4 times a year, but I don’t dread my appointments with him.

Six months ago when I came in with an A1c of 8.0 (from 11.3, 8 months prior) I was hoping he would ask me what had changed so I could tell him about twitter, about my blog, about all of you. Kind of like showing off something to a parent, I wanted him to be proud of me. I don’t need his approval or anything but I wanted to see if he was aware that the Internet can have a huge impact on Diabetic veterans and noobs alike. There’s so much I want to ask him about. Does he read and/or recommend any patient blogs to his patients. Does he have any online resources that I am not familiar with. Anything to improve communication between people in the know and people still looking for answers.

I know I’m not big time, but this blog has done a lot for me. You’ll have to excuse my sense of pride for the duration of this post.

Anywho. Aside from the dreadded A1c, I DO have a purpose with this appointment. I think I need to change my Lantus dosage. Details will come after I get some answers from a “medical professional.” You’ll just have to come back tomorrow for the goods.

If you are extra nice, there may be video involved too.


Rinse and Repeat

Time for another “knock on wood” post. My next endocrinologist appointment is at the end of August. Most of the time I have feared my appointments with Dr. H (Not House) because I know I’ll be walking into a lecture. Yes, I know I need to do a better job. Yes, I know the future risks and potential complications. No, I do not need any new prescriptions. Yes, I’d like to schedule my next appointment for the same time of the day if possible. Continue reading