That Went Well

I met with my CDE and Endocrinologist this morning. Going in to the appointment, I had a number of things I wanted to discuss. I even wrote them down in my notebook so I would remember everything. Throughout the nearly 75 minutes I spent with them I heard phrases like “we“, and “what else would you like to talk about?” and “what do you think about this approach?”. I didn’t hear orders. I was heard. I was respected. It felt great.

I know my previous endocrinologist set a particularly low bar for patient engagement and instilling any kind of confidence in treating my diabetes – and me – seriously, but this office is so refreshing.

Somewhat related: my A1c came back at a number that was much more encouraging than I previously anticipated. And as most of that reporting window includes my first months on an insulin pump, I’d say I’m off to a great start.

What My Latest A1c Means

I received a phone call from my endocrinologist a few minutes before I began my evening commute home. My A1c hasn’t changed since my last appointment three months ago, which is great. This means that my continuing efforts at a healthier diet and a regular exercise routine are paying off. This means 160 mg/dL is the ideal high alert for my Dexcom G4. Similarly, 70 mg/dL is a safe enough low alert to help me aim low, but not too low. This also means that I can more aggressively focus on finding the right Lantus dosages, because I don’t feel very confident about 15u in the morning and 10u in the evening.

But, this doesn’t mean that I can just stop. This doesn’t mean that I’ve figured out diabetes, even if things have been consistent over the past few months. This doesn’t mean that I can just sit back and assume my control will stay the way it has been.

Even with news as encouraging as this, there’s very little opportunity for celebration….okay, maybe a small celebration.

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Immediate Feedback

The great thing about social media is you can get immediate feedback on just about anything. The bad thing about social media is you can get immediate feedback on just about anything – especially if you mess up.

I posted a few comments, as well as some of the reaction on that Tumble thing I do. (I know it’s shady to say things like “on my Tumblr”, but it seemed like the best place to immediately capture my thoughts.)

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Expecting Better

I want to put this out here first and foremost, I know an A1c of 6.9 is not a bad thing. Over the past couple of years I have seen a strong level of consistency with my diabetes management that, eventually, I will reflect upon with pride. But I think I’m still within the grace period of analysis that comes with receiving the latest bloodwork report, so that’s what I’m going to do here. I know my A1c isn’t bad, but I was expecting a lot better.

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Six Point Oh Really?

It hasn’t been a full year with Hal Jordan by my side and the positive benefits continue to stack up. My diabetes management contines to improve in ways that I don’t believe were possible pre-Dexcom. The more I realize how much better I am with this device, the more frustrated I get at the countless other people with diabetes that are denied access for whatever silly reason. I wish these devices were a standard in diabetes care, just like a blood glucose meter and test strips.

My latest A1C came in at a nice, round 6.0. Lovely.

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