Adult Coloring Books

My wife (becuse it’s still fun to say that) purchased some high-level coloring books over the weekend to help with stress. I’ve always viewed coloring books as a great way to show how little I know about color combinations (despite some of my attempts to match a shirt to a tie).

But I can see how the amount of focus required for something like this could do wonders for attempts to block out the shenanigans of the world.

What I’d like to know is if there’s any benefit to diabetes management. Obviously the primary tools like insulin, exercise, and carb counting are essential. But since stress can raise blood glucose levels, is it logical to think a stress-relieving coloring book could have the opposite effect?

Wishful thinking, right?

One thought on “Adult Coloring Books

  1. Coloring books has been the new way to for adults to relax . it helps me to survive stress. Coloring can be a way to expressing satisfaction, content, and love, in a way an individual knows how. It gives us a way to express ourselves, It can also help us to stay focus, while have ourselves to have a me time. especially after a long hour of working at the office and doing household chores. I have this book that helps me to stay away from stress even just for a moment and you can enjoy coloring.



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