7 Reasons Why You Should Participate in #dayofdiabetes Tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 15, I’m encouraging anyone who wants to participate to live-tweet a day in the life of a person with (or caring for someone with) diabetes. Use the hashtag #dayofdiabetes to keep track of everything, and I’ll do my best to Storify everything on http://dayofdiabetes.tumblr.com.

As a community, we’ve done this a few times, and I think each day has been more successful than the last in terms of outreach and impact. I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as meaningful for some of you.

In case you need a reason to join the fun, here are seven reasons that might do the trick and get you to participate.

  1. You can find new people in the diabetes online community to connect with. These group efforts are a great way to make new friends.
  2. It may help get over burnout. Sometimes a focused effort like this is just what you need to get back into the diabetes frame of mind.
  3. Sometimes an exercise like this can help remind you that this may not be easy, but you’re doing just fine keeping this disease in check. When you step back from all the tweets and realize just what it takes each and every day, that can be something you can be proud of.
  4. Help describe what it’s like to your friends and followers without diabetes. Sure, they may have an idea, but a play-by-play like this is quite effective at showing what it’s like, even if it’s only for one day.
  5. Consider each tweet a teachable moment. Together, this is an incredible educational opportunity. And that excites me.
  6. I’m going to bring back the first point I made, because like #dblogcheck, these community exercises are a great way to expand your network of diabetes connections. I would love to hear stories months from now that start with “I saw someone share their #dayofdiabetes and decided to participate. That was the first time I mentioned my diabetes on Twitter.”
  7. Selfishly, I need data. I’m speaking at AADE this year about Twitter metrics from the diabetes online community, specifically #dayofdiabetes. I would love to show up with some fantastic data from all of you to compare to last year’s efforts.

Did I leave any out?

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Participate in #dayofdiabetes Tomorrow

  1. It has not been easy, but I have lived with T1 diabetes since 8/41. Yes, that is almost 74 years ago! I found out, as a participant in the Joslin 50 Year Medalist Study, that I have some very good genes that have helped me to live so long without any diabetic complications. I have been blessed, and helped along by caring, intelligent doctors, supportive family members, improved insulins, better equipment, and an attitude that gets me through the down times. I have a college education, been married for 53 years, and enjoy our 5 grandchildren with our 2 sons and their wives. Everyone is in good health. Life is good! Diabetics do need to have a way to obtain the newer equipment, at a reasonable price, with coverage from health insurance companies and Medicare. I am 76 years old, have an HMO insurance co. and Medicare said OK to a new insulin pump, but refused coverage for a pump with a sensor system, even though I do not feel lows coming on. Let us help to get that changed. Enjoy the day, and look to the future for better days living with diabetes.


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