Where Are They?

I wish I could better remember my diabetes community discovery story. I know one of the first people I followed when I signed up for Twitter was @sixuntilme. I know at some point I started reading Kerri’s and other diabetes blogs. And I know somewhere in that process I reached a tipping point and created a WordPress account.

But I don’t remember the specifics.

And now, as I’m thinking more about how to expand and improve online disease communities, I feel like that information would be most helpful. For as active and engaging as the diabetes online community is, the numbers would suggest that we haven’t scratched the surface of potential outreach. Considering how many people are on Facebook, use Twitter, do…whatever you do on Snapchat, there’s so much more than can be done. But I don’t know how to begin to reach those people?

Beyond simply reaching new people with diabetes, there’s of course the matter of decorum.

A reception like this

Image (linked) via giphy.com

will likely have a better response than something like this…

Image (linked) via giphy.com


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