An Eventful Week

I’ve spent the better part of last winter and all of this year trying to figure out what it is I want to do. I have all of these side projects and blogs and advocacy efforts, but turning those more-or-less hobbies into any kind of reasonable income is, and has been a challenge. After a gaggle of resumes and inquiries into possible opportunities, my luck finally took a turn last week with not one but two different interviews – on the same day.

The next day I had two offers.

And by the weekend I had written two different announcement posts for my new employers.

Both of these roles are part time, so balancing out the responsibilities will be its own little adventure. Add in my existing work with Symplur and Stanford Medicine X, and my now-updated disclosure policy is quite diverse with affiliations.

Taking a step back, all of these freelance opportunities amount to what I think I do best: story sharing. Building up a reputation and a track record for sharing stories from the healthcare community at large using the range of platforms I’ve built up on my own and through professional collaboration could put me on the path to something huge.

I continue to think about how I can improve and expand My Diabetes Secret and My Chronic Disease Secret. My podcast continues to be a place to have thoughtful conversations. Working with Symplur invites a look at community through data in a way I never thought was possible. And Stanford Medicine X continues to be the ideal place to energize my advocacy efforts. Now with my new role at Smart Patients, and upcoming work for Quantified Self, I’m in a great position to learn from a lot of really, really smart people.

This will be fun.

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