Tandem Diabetes Announces the t:flex

When I first heard about the t:flex and it’s 480 unit cartridge I initial wondered what value that could have. “It would take me a decent chunk of time to use that much insulin, let alone that much in a 3-day period”, I thought to myself.

Then I remembered that diabetes, and its demands come in all shapes and sizes. And insulin sensitivity is the epitome of “Your Diabetes May Vary“. And that this diabetes thing is bigger than little ol’ me. And the more options people have to manage their diabetes with the goal of leading a happy and healthy life, the better.

So yay to Tandem, their t:flex, and to anyone considering a new approach to their diabetes management – be it multiple daily injections or a pump.

Yay, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Tandem Diabetes Announces the t:flex

  1. I would kill for a reservoir that big. As it stands, my pump holds “200” (180) units and I refill it every 36 hours during normal/”good” days. If I have a stubborn high? Maybe 24 hours.


  2. For me, one of the biggest problems I have is that I’m needle-phobic, due to an incredibly inept MD when I was very young. Poking myself is an extremely hard thing to do. I would love to have an Animas Pump, but 200 units would mean a change every day, and I (not to mention my insurance) won’t do that. 480 units? Yippee!!



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