Improper Reliance

I’m preparing for my endocrinologist appointment in a few days and have started to download/upload/analyze data from my various diabetes devices. While I might not be able to make the most sense out of what all these numbers will mean, it will help focus some of the questions I will bring into the appointment and some of the objectives I hope to accomplish by the time the appointment is over.

I want to have a solid gameplan for how to approach my diabetes care in 2015. I need some back-and-forth to go along with the material supplied by ‘Pumping Insulin‘. I know the results of this data download and accompanying blood tests will not be stellar, but I know I have the ability to put everything in order and figure this diabetes thing out.

But when I look at the averages from my blood glucose meter, I worry. The 30 and 60 day averages indicate 2 blood glucose tests per day. Yikes. What happened to 6-10 times per day? It looks like I’ve been relying on my CGM for far more than the occasional corrective action. The FDA, and my doctors, say the blood glucose meter result is the be-all, end-all number that informs diabetes management – I haven’t been following those instructions.

Of course, it doesn’t help that pretty much every CGM calibration instance since I updated the software to version 505 has been spot-on. Between the improved accuracy, and the ease of glancing at my wrist for a piece of (often) reliable diabetes data, I have some serious changes that need to be made.

This improper, overreliance on my CGM data appears to be a direct result of my CGM in the Cloud-ing. At the end of the day, it’s still my responsibility to test, and making excuses won’t help. But I’m hoping that calling out this issue, here, publicly, will be an impetus for change.


One thought on “Improper Reliance

  1. So… I’d like to propose an alternate thought.

    If you’re A1C is something you’re happy with, and you’re also happy with other important things (whatever those may be for you & your doc (standard deviation, no bad hypos/hypers, time in range, etc.)), then what exactly is the problem…

    Seems to me that if you’ve found a way to get where you want to be with less trouble, then … why change?



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