Trust the Pump

“Your BG is Above Target. Add Correction Bolus?”

Trusting the math within the configuration of my insulin pump has been a big challenge for me. Ordinarily when I would opt to take another insulin injection to get my blood glucose back in an acceptable range, my insulin pump has a more prudent approach to things.

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Prior to pumping insulin, I never consciously factored in the time it takes for insulin to do its thing after I’ve eaten. I know that insulin is required to cover meals, but I rarely thought about the time it takes for that coverage to take place. Now, my insulin pump kindly reminds me that I have 4.02 units of insulin in my system for another 3 hours, and does not recommend any additional insulin.

Learning to trust my pump’s calculations has been difficult, but more often than not, it’s been right. Yes, my blood glucose might have gone a little higher than I would have preferred after my meal, but with time, things level out. Trusting a machine with my life is challenging, but it is quite rewarding when it all comes together.

Have a nice weekend.


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