Slimmer Profile

After a few days flying blind thanks to a dead Dexcom transmitter, FedEx showed up today with a special, expedited delivery.

0.1" slimmer than the previous model

0.1″ slimmer than the previous model

After seeing Kerri share a picture of a new Dexcom transmitter, I suddenly wondered if my request was made “in time” to receive a smaller transmitter too. While I have gotten used to the size of the original G4 transmitter, a change of this magnitude would certainly be welcome.

Hearing the new transmitter is “0.1 inches slimmer than the previous model” doesn’t really do anything for me, however. It’s difficult to put that size into a proper context. So I lined up some pennies and oh-so-scientifically determined that the new transmitter is about 2 pennies smaller.

On one hand, that isn’t really a lot. But, when you factor in how this will look underneath clothing, those two pennies can make a big difference. I’ve never been one to consciously hide outward signs of my diabetes, even now that I’m wearing an insulin pump. But it doesn’t hurt to know that my diabetes isn’t trying as hard to hog the spotlight.



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