Pumping Ain’t Easy

I know, I’m burning this post title awfully early in the grand timeline of my wearing an insulin pump, but enough has happened already – in just 48 hours – that I’m going for it.

I’ve had an eventful start.

  • My first night on a pump, we had pizza for dinner – like you do – celebrating my ability to program a legitimate extended bolus.
  • Somewhere in the process of living my life, my infusion set went wonky.
  • Despite the wonk, corrections had some effect. Which (incorrectly) led me to think my pump settings were off. Because I would know things were wrong after my first-ever 20-hours wearing this thing.
  • After continued blood glucose tests, failed corrections, and general frustration, I did a full site change. Infusion set, insulin cartridge, everything.
  • The next 12 hours involved staring at my iPad (monitoring my Nightscout site) as the number slowly fell back into range.

On a lighter note, I did my first super casual “oh sure I’ll have a mini cupcake, let me just whip out my insulin pump” bolus this evening. While treats like that aren’t a regular thing, I do appreciate the opportunity to not let available diabetes supplies in my pockets be the determining factor in whether or not I indulge.

I know I’ve just gotten started, and figuring this thing out will take a significant amount of time, energy, and patience. And I know I have to start somewhere – I just wish I could have started off on a better foot.

I didn’t actually want to throw my pump against the wall, but the level of frustration was similar. Image (linked) via giphy.com

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