Ending on Zero

Tonight I finished the last of my Humalog insulin pen with dinner. I needed 4 units to cover our beef with broccoli, mostly for the rice, and there were exactly 4 units remaining in my insulin pen. Perfect.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I take the next step on my journey to transitioning to an insulin pump. Granted, the pump will be filled with saline, and I’ll still require insulin injections during this period – which reminds me, I should probably break out a new pen for the morning. Hold that thought.

As frustrating as this process will be: saline, a mandatory “pump start” diabetes education class, a “pump review” two weeks later, I know it’s all for the best. This piece if technology is not cheap, and has the potential to be quite harmful if not respected. My biggest challenge over the next few weeks will be patience. Knowing that the time spent learning and understanding will only benefit me, my health, and my family, is what I have to focus on. It’s healthier to keep my focus there…instead of on the waiting.

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As I reread those last couple of sentences, I’m reminded that now is the time for an insulin pump. I wasn’t mature enough to handle this responsibility when I was diagnosed, or even two or three years ago. But now feels right. Let’s do this.

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