What You Make Of It

I had a lot of thoughts about this comment. I asked Twitter for feedback and got some good responses there. I also shared this on Facebook and got some good feedback there as well. I felt like writing more, but then Dayle and Kerri said all I wanted to say. So you should just read what they wrote.

Finally, I would urge anyone blogging for recognition to consider if a blog is really the right outlet for their goals/needs. Blogging is a form of sharing what it is you want to say. It’s not necessarily a platform for making people pay attention. That’s their choice. If your words or your way of changing the world resonates with other people and is valuable to them, they will listen. And that’s what it should be about – not conferences or freebies.

Defining the DOC: Why Do We Blog? – Imperfect Pancreas


I started this site because I wanted to find some kindred spirits.  And that’s the reason I continue to write, and to try and connect.  It keeps the loneliness of chronic illness at bay and makes doing this diabetes maintenance thing easier.  Even though so many healthcare professionals think that my A1C is the most important marker of my success as a person with diabetes, I think my happiness is, and connecting with my PWD peers keeps me happy.

You Are HERE. – Six Until Me

The diabetes online community can’t be everything to everyone (and that’s okay), and I can’t be responsible for every perception made about this community (and that’s okay, too). I can only control me, what I do, and what I say. Just as your diabetes may vary, your diabetes online community experience may vary too – and that’s okay. This whole Internet thing is what you make of it.

I’m in this for the connections, the relationships, and the people. What about you?

4 thoughts on “What You Make Of It

  1. it is all about the connections – or that’s how it’s supposed to be. The DOC is not perfect and neither is any other online community. It’s made up of so many different people – and people are not perfect. It is what it is. Contribute what you can or want to and enjoy the company of other diabetics – and learn from them.


  2. Here here! It’s all about the connections, both online and in real life! I’ve learned, as in most things, you get out what you put in. There are so many ways to make personal connections, you just have to find what works for you.


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