About Medicine X 2014 – Fashion

If you’ll excuse a moment of vanity.

I knew this year would be different. As a member of the ePatient Advisory Board, there would be more attention on what I did and said. Par for the course, I suppose, that increased responsibility means increased visibility means increased responsibility. Ben Parker would be proud. It was with this context that I decided to seriously step my fashion game up for the conference. In 2012 I wore polo shirts and button ups, but I also had a zip-up hoodie on standby. Last year I bought new shirts, in particular for my opening panel that I moderated. But this year I needed something more assertive; something more mature.


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Day 0 of #MedX. Time for a meet and greet.

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(This one was selected specifically for my portrait.

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Day 3 at #MedX. Let's finish strong.

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There was no mandate for this particular attire. But I saw my position on the Advisory Board as a reflection of Dr. Chu, and I didn’t want to do wrong by him. So I tucked in my shirt, secured my full windsor, and put on my best smile each day.

My inspiration for the combinations was partly motivated by a “What would Harrison (from Scandal) do?” thought process.

Obviously color was an important factor in matching each shirt and tie, but I didn’t want to take the easy way out and simply match solid colors. I think it went well.

Next year I’ll step up my sock game – as apparently that was a thing people were looking at as well. Who knew?

Disclosure: As a member of the ePatient Advisory Board, my registration fee for Medicine X was covered by the conference. I’m writing about this stuff because I’m incredibly passionate about it, clearly – not because there’s a feudal obligation to do so.

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