His and Hers: #tslim

Dayle got her t:slim Insulin Pump in the mail yesterday. I’m getting mine in September. For those of you keeping score at home, that means we will be rocking his and hers Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitors and Insulin Pumps by the time Fall rolls around.

Ordinarily, I’d have to wait for my own pump to arrive before scheduling my pump training and starting the next phase of my diabetes management. But I get to tag along with Dayle’s training tomorrow to get a head start on the learning process.

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Getting a #tslim unboxing from @daylekern!

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During the initial unboxing last night I realized how little I truly know about insulin pumps. I’ve heard phrases like “site changes” and “low reservoir”, and “reordering cartridges”, but I don’t really know what any of that means. I’m looking forward to asking some really dumb (basic) questions to get up to speed on all of this. Hopefully I won’t hold up Dayle’s training with my relative ignorance.

This will be fun.

Also, this happened today…


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