My Diabetes Kitchen

Admittedly, I’ve fallen off keeping up with Hannah Hart and her My Drunk Kitchen series. Everything I’ve seen from her is great, but like some television shows, once you get behind it’s hard to keep up. But, the latest episode of MDK features Hannah’s sister who has type 1 diabetes.

Pay particular attention to the ‘what is diabetes?’ bit in the beginning. I wanted to give her a high five by the end of this thing.

Sometimes it takes the most peculiar avenues for diabetes advocacy to make any kind of meaningful impact. I’ll take it.

Unrelated, Dayle sent this to me and I’m embarrassed to say that I want almost every one of these. Save me. Someone.

Also, new fish!

Have a nice weekend.

4 thoughts on “My Diabetes Kitchen

  1. Wow.. I haven’t watched MDK for years — probably saw the first 10 and that’s it. But I like this one — and like the quick and concise summary “You need insulin….so your body doesn’t die” and how nonchalant she is about the whole thing. And Maggie truly does seem to be a Mini-Hannah. Thanks for sharing it!


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