Two Clips

Here are two YouTube clips I found this morning.

The first, by way of Kim by way of Heather, is a commentary on the pinkification of breast cancer. It’s powerful stuff.

I’m not sure if you could simply replace ‘pink’ with ‘blue’ and ‘cancer’ with ‘diabetes’, but the commercialization of chronic and life-threatening illnesses is quite disturbing when you step back and look at everything that’s going on.

The other came from a browsing of our PBS channel on our Roku, and one quote in particular from this bit.

I also think people just really love telling their stories. And if they are in to something and excited about something, they want to share it with people. And a lot of times people don’t have the opportunity to do that.

And this, my eager-readers, is precisely why I podcast. Sure, I didn’t come to this realization immediately, but it’s what drives me now.

Have a nice day.

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