Some Thoughts on Stuart Scott’s ESPY Speech

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live”

This was last night.

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And one more…

“I have to feel as much as I can like I don’t have cancer, although I think about cancer 20 times a day.”

A lot of the conversations I have here, on this blog, pertain to living my life with diabetes. But the struggles, fears, guilt, anger, dread, joys, accomplishment, success, laughter, and love is not specific to just one disease. We all experiences ups and downs in our own way, regardless of what we’re dealing with at the moment. But the concept of finding strength in family and friends whenever and wherever possible is universal.

Finding the will to battle past the most debilitating moments in your life thanks to something like diabetes, or cancer, or arthritis, or whatever – is something we all have to do. For all the distinctions we can make among all of the disease communities, there’s plenty we share (even if we don’t know it).

That’s why I’m sharing Stuart Scott’s speech on a diabetes blog – because the conversations we have every day are bigger than just diabetes. Yes, we might be talking to the FDA about blood glucose meter accuracy, but we’re also telling the FDA to listen to patient communities.

Yes, we are celebrating Miss Idaho and her insulin pump, but we’re also taking control of how our diseases are viewed in the public eye, regardless of the hardware that comes with it.

And here’s a picture of Enzo on top of our bookshelf. I like the Bruce Leroy glow she has.

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