You Have One Missed Call

Hi Mr. Snider, this is So and So from Dr. So and So’s office. We currently have you scheduled for an appointment on November 10, but your file noted (as a new patient with this practice) that if there was a cancellation you would like to take that earlier appointment. We just had a cancellation for August 29th. If you’d like us to move you up, please give us a call back at 555-0001. Thank you.

Yes, please.

Also, I get to meet with both my new endo and their diabetes educator. That will be an exciting first for me.

And, the potential for me getting an insulin pump continues to increase as this appointment approaches. I think, after all this time (and possibly denial), it’s time for a change.

I’m not going to call it an upgrade, yet. But I’m pretty sure this is going to happen regardless of the semantics.

Enjoy your weekend.


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