A Double Whammy

Diabetes is as mental as it is physical. A double whammy.

This was shared today on My Diabetes Secret. Considering how little time it’s had to gain traction among the diabetes community on Tumblr, it’s received a lot of notes (likes and reblogs) in very little time. I’m not sure if Tumblr will ever be seen as an official validation for anything within the diabetes online community, but it’s clear that more than just the anonymous person who submitted this secret agrees with the sentiment.

Living with diabetes, I can certainly see and feel the impact of the double whammy. It comes as no surprise that people with diabetes are four times as likely to become depressed as people without diabetes. It’s easy to be frustrated with this disease. At times, the frustration is so omnipresent that successes are often scoffed at and ignored. Finding flaws is so much easier than staying positive. But we soldier on, because we’re worth it. Because our loved ones are worth it.

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His and Hers. #love #diabetes

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You should take the time to read these three guests posts over at youcandothisproject.com in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month from Ciwi, from Leann, and from Shannon, too. Sometimes reading, and hearing from people who have dealt with depression first-hand is what’s needed in moments of doubt.


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