Cross-Country Shipping Methods

So these guys arrived this week:

Living next to a golf course all but required I be reunited with my golf clubs. And aside from the monster hills that we live on (and near), there are some fantastic cycling adventures to be had in San Francisco.

If you ever need to send golf clubs a sizeable distance, I purchased this travel bag for my clubs and avoided paying for oversize baggage airline fees with

For the bike, I used (seriously, who thinks of these names?), and ordered their Air Caddy. The whole cheese wedge box comes in a standard-looking shipping box, but inside are the components to build a completely unique and surprisingly stable shipping method for your bicycle. I only had to take off the front wheel and slightly adjust the handlebars to secure the precious cargo.

I’m not sure if any of you will ever need to ship your golf clubs or bicycle across the country, but if you do give those two services a look-see.


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