Here’s Another We Can Do This Collaboration: Diabetes and Mental Health

Hopefully you watched the “We Can Do This” video featuring people living with diabetes and celiac. As powerful as individual stories are, I think there’s something particularly meaningful from a group effort supporting a single narrative (such as “if we can do this, you can do this”). To that end, here’s another entry in the We Can Do This series. This time we’re talking about diabetes and mental health.

Depression is one of the big issues that people (we) are either afraid to talk about, or choose to ignore until it’s too late. I know that there are plenty of resources out there for people struggling with their diabetes and mental health, but rather than pretend to understand what depression and diabetes can feel like first-hand, I think it’s best to let the video speak for itself rather than speak out of turn.

If you would like to contribute to the You Can Do This Project with a guest post discussion how your life with diabetes impacts your mental health, sharing your story could mean the world to someone else who is dealing with the exact same situation.

And to balance out the moment, here’s something for the weekend.


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