Healthy Nudges

Tonight’s Design for Health class at Stanford focused on health design in the workplace. Listening to examples of how Google provides, but doesn’t force, healthy eating options for its employees was particularly exciting because all of the examples cited could (should?) be implemented at companies that aren’t worth billions of dollars.

Yes, eating healthier costs more than eating for convenience. Yes, eating healthier will take more time than eating for convenience. But it’s worth it, right?

The idea is not to enact radical, sweeping change at a moment’s notice – those types of efforts are difficult to maintain. But if you try to nudge your habits and tendencies in a healthier direction, there’s going to be a better chance of sticking with them in the long run.

For example, try using smaller plates for a week and see where that gets you.

I know the video below is specifically about the workplace, but it’s easy to see how these examples could be implemented on an individual basis.


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