A Welcome Respite

You know what I haven’t done in almost a week?

Posted a submission on My Diabetes Secret.

It’s not that the blog isn’t active – there have been plenty of likes, reblogs, and new followers over the past few days. But the submissions have stopped for the moment. If I must be honest (and why wouldn’t I on my own blog?) it’s a welcome break. While I appreciate what My Diabetes Secret has been able to bring to the diabetes community, and while I believe that blog serves a meaningful and worthwhile purpose, it can be a bit much at times.

Reading through each submission is an exercise in mental fortitude, and I fear I could have been approaching the limits of what I could handle.

Knowing when to take a break, from whatever a break is needed, is important. I failed to recognize the need for emotional boundaries when I first created My Diabetes Secret, that’s when I decided to not review submissions after 9pm. Maybe I need to expand that restriction to weekends as well?

And here’s another cat picture to lighten the mood.

(I was quite proud of the caption in that one.)

One thought on “A Welcome Respite

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