A Simple Rotation

I find that my opportunities to “hack” my diabetes are few and far between while I’m still on insulin pens. It seems like the insulin pump is the go-to hackable diabetes device for various reasons. That said, I’m testing a slightly different approach to my OpSite Flexifix for my newest Dexcom sensor.

I’m hoping the simple 45 degree rotation will keep this initial layer of tape secure for a bit longer, delaying the eventual second application of tape in an attempt to squeeze as many days of life out of my sensors.

Most of my Dexcom sensors start producing wonky and unreliable results before things become truly unwearable – thanks to OpSite, of course. Whatever I can do to keep that trend consistent and repeatable, I’m all for.

I’ll report back in 18-21 days.

Have a nice weekend.

One thought on “A Simple Rotation

  1. One thing I always do before putting my OpSite on is to trim the corners and round them out. I figure if it works for iron on patches for pants/jeans it should work for tape too. I have only had to re-tape once. I had attempted an arm site and kept running into walls. Evidently, I cut more corners than just in sewing and taping.



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