Doctors and Social Media

I moderated the Twitter conversation for tonight’s MedX Live, talking about Doctors and social media. If you’ve got an hour, I invite you to watch.

If you don’t have an hour, here are some of the thoughts I shared and curated during the conversation.

This conversation can certainly be expanded to groups outside of medical professionals. A lot of us, myself include, tout the benefits of social media when it comes to connecting with like-minded individuals and fellow cupcake enthusiasts. But Twitter isn’t for everyone, it doesn’t have to be. Just because someone doesn’t have a blog, or 15 Tumblrs doesn’t mean they don’t care – that they aren’t a diabetes advocate.

I will always do my part in trying to recruit more people to the diabetes online community, but we have to respect people that choose a different path for their individual advocacy efforts.

People [Doctors] who skip social media aren’t necessarily the problem, but we can make social media a lot more difficult to ignore if the benefits of our interactions are easy to identify and potentially quantify. It’s easy to say “social media is great”, but why is social media so great for you?


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