Farmers’ Markets are Cool

As suggested, if you have access to them, farmers’ markets are pretty cool.

This past Sunday morning I came away with apples, strawberries, broccoli, green beans and sugar snap peas for $20. Sure, I could go into some soapbox-y speach about supporting local businesses and eating organic blah blah blah, but the truth is I feel better during the week when I actually come close to adhering to that “apple a day” nonsense you heard as a child.

I feel better during the week when I regularly incorporate fresh vegetables into my dinners.

I feel better knowing that I’m making incremental process to finding a better version of me, through the food choices I make. Every little bit helps, and I’ll take whatever I can get.

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How do you like them apples?

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How do you like them apples?

Also, there’s a surprising amount of discussion over farmer’s market vs. farmers’ market vs. farmers market. Who knew?

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