A Brief Journey in Diabetes Advocacy

Last night I gave a presentation to some of Stanford’s Medical students as part of a Design for Health class taught by Medicine X Executive Director Dr. Larry Chu and Dr. Kyra Bobinet. The theme of last night’s class was Design for Wearables, featuring Dr. Matthew Diamond from Misfit Wearables.

The class opened with my 5 minutes of fame, followed by Dr. Diamond’s talk, and ending with a questions and answers session that I moderated.

I think it went well.

Even though the subject and content of my presentation is basically second nature, I was incredibly nervous before the red light went on. The same thing happened before my panel at last year’s Medicine X. I suppose these nerves will fade with experience, but that means I have to seek out more speaking opportunities, right?

I don’t know how I feel about that. That mentality may be a bit too bold for me right now.


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